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Things to Do at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Things to Do at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Buckingham Fountain has been an important landmark for Chicago, Illinois for over 100 years. It is one of the most recognizable features in Lake Michigan and can be seen from miles away. The fountain’s location in Grant Park is home to many different events such as concerts, celebrations, and protests. Today, we wanted to share some of the coolest things that you can do at Buckingham Fountain. Here are 10 activities to do at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago.

Buckingham Fountain is a popular place to visit

Buckingham Fountain is a popular spot in Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the most recognizable places in Grant Park and can be seen from miles away. For over 100 years, people have come to this beautiful fountain to enjoy the beauty of nature and the city’s skyline. Today, we wanted to share some fun activities you can do at Buckingham Fountain.

1) Take a selfie with the fountain!2) Visit during sunset and see the beautiful colors that it creates3) Try out deep water therapy4) Get a souvenir postcard or frame5) Watch a concert6) Dance around with friends7) Watch fireworks8) Have lunch at the food stand9) Watch a performance10) Take a tour of the fountain

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Want to see the fountain in action?

Buckingham Fountain is an amazing landmark in Chicago that offers a variety of activities. One of the coolest things to do at Buckingham Fountain is watch it in action. If you’re not lucky enough to have time to see the fountain in person, you can visit one of the many live streaming websites such as Ustream or Periscope and watch it happen. You can also check out some videos on YouTube that have footage of the fountain.

See something cool near the fountain?

Make sure you take the time to explore the fountain. You can see some great art that is on display at the bottom of the fountain!

1. Go for a swim

The water in Buckingham Fountain is an amazing temperature and it’s safe to swim in. As long as you are comfortable with swimming in a pool, this is an easy activity to do at Buckingham Fountain.

2. Get your selfie on

If you want to show off how cool your selfie was, post it on social media! You can get close-ups of the artwork or just relax while people take pictures next to you.

3. Take a break from exploring and enjoy some food near the fountain

There are several options for food nearby: pizza, ice cream, snacks, and even alcohol (with a permit)! There is no better way to take a break from exploring than by sitting down with some delicious food.

4. Join in on one of the many weekly events happening around the fountain

Buckingham Fountain hosts a number of events throughout the year that offer free admission and musical entertainment for everyone! Be sure not to miss out next week’s event.

5. Relax with one of Chicago’s best parks – Grant Park

Grant Park offers epic views of Lake Michigan where you can watch airplanes fly overhead or listen to music being played by DJ’s at night time! As long as you’re willing to pay a small admission fee, Grant Park has plenty of things for everyone with activities such as

Make your own Statue of Liberty replica

Buckingham Fountain is home to many different statues, including a replica of the Statue of Liberty. When you stop by, you can take a bronze mold and make your own replica on-site. It’s an awesome way to spend some time in the sun and create a unique souvenir!

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Make a photo booth and get silly with your friends

If you have a group of friends who have never visited Buckingham Fountain before, this is where you should go. It is a fun way to get your pictures taken in front of the fountain and it is also a great opportunity for some silly photo-taking.

Watch an aerial tour of Chicago from above the fountain

You can take an aerial tour of the city of Chicago. You can see the downtown area, Chicago River, and Lake Michigan.

Check out the special events at the fountain!

Buckingham Fountain hosts a variety of events throughout the year. It’s one of the most popular places to be in Chicago and there are always new activities happening. Events vary by season and can include concerts, demonstrations, exhibitions, and celebrations. Many events have been organized by local artists and organizations to help bring awareness to their cause. The fountain is also known for its various public artworks that add to the excitement of these events.

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Go and walk around on the lakefront trail

The lakefront trail is a 3.8 mile long path that links Grant Park to Lake Michigan, and it features incredible views of the Chicago skyline and the Chicago River. There are many different points along the trail where you can stop and take in the view.

Check out other nearby attractions

Buckingham Fountain is located in Grant Park near Michigan Avenue, so it’s only a short walk to get there. If you want to see some other cool attractions in the area, then there are tons of great options. For example, if you want to try out Chicago’s famous architecture, then head down Michigan Avenue and check out Millennium Park.

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the history of Chicago, then visit one of the many museums nearby like The Shedd Aquarium or The Field Museum.

What else should you do in Grant Park?

Dating back to the 1920s, Grant Park is one of the most important public spaces in Chicago. The park has hosted hundreds of events, including concerts, sporting events, and political rallies such as the one held by Martin Luther King Jr. It is also home to Buckingham Fountain, which has been a major fixture in Chicago since its construction in 1915.

1. Inflate a balloon

2. Take a self-guided walking tour

3. Play on the fountain’s waterslide

4. Eat at one of the snack bars or restaurants nearby

5. Watch fireworks on New Years Eve

6. Join in on a family friendly event happening at Buckingham Fountain

7. Visit DePaul University across the street from Buckingham Fountain (for free)

8. Watch kite-flying demonstrations and/or view live art installations nearby

9. Catch a show at any of the many performance venues around Grant Park

10. Attend an outdoor concert like Lollapalooza

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