Cancellation & Payment Policies

Deposit policy: Events booked at 25 or more hours of total massage require a 50% deposit to hold and guarantee event date(s). Remaining balance is due within one week of the event (unless alternate payment arrangements are made with Event Coordinator and MBD).
Acceptable forms of payment are: Corporate Check, Credit Card, EFT banking transfer. Online payment options are offered through our secure, Intuit QB invoicing/payment system.

A 3.15% processing fee will be added to all invoices paid with a credit card.

Pre-payment policy: All new client accounts/events are required to guarantee their event date(s) and reserve therapists with pre-payment. If pre-payment is not possible prior to event date due to client accounting process, payment options will be reviewed by the Event Coordinator and alternate payment terms will be negotiated.
Payment with terms: Upon approval, MBD will accept a corporate check, no longer than Net 30 from Invoice date, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Cancellations and Fees on All Events (Pre Paid, Post Pay, Net 30):

Rescheduling:  If a rescheduled date is set at the time of cancellation, a rebooking fee of $50 per event day will be added to the invoice. Please note: prior hourly rates are subject to change when rescheduling your event.

Supplier Diversity and Vendor Setup: Massage by Design is a registered and certified member of the WBENC and SBA. Organizations requiring supplier diversity paperwork and documentation, please forward all forms and links to your event coordinator. Vendor Setup for ACH payments will be submitted prior to your event for timely payment processing.

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