Massage by Design screens and interviews candidates seeking to work on our team. All therapists are required to be licensed, certified and insured in the city/state in which they operate. They have all passed background checks.

Our expectations are that every therapist performs in a manner consistent with the Massage Code of Ethics. In addition to possessing knowledge of anatomy and massage skills, qualified candidates must also be professional, reliable, and dependable. A friendly disposition is a must! Massage by Design works with therapists based on these attributes, and does not discriminate based on age, gender, or ethnicity.
It depends on the type of pressure and areas your therapist focuses on. Some participants will feel very relaxed while others will feel energized. If your therapist releases tight and painful muscles, you will feel immediate relief. Releasing muscle tension results in bringing the body back to a balanced state, calming the CNS (central nervous system) and releasing anxiety, stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.
Absolutely! Feel free to ask your therapist to work out that nagging, trouble spot, or work an area that is aching and problematic due to overuse, repetitive motion or a variety of chronic holding patterns.
For your convenience, a gratuity is factored in and will be reflected in your quote.
Before starting and between each participant, therapists will wash/sanitize their hands, the chair, the face cradle and replace the used cradle cover with a new, fresh, clean one. Keeping participants healthy and happy is our goal.
All Massage by Design therapists are required to use professional grade chairs, and keep them in excellent working condition. Maintaining clean and fully functioning chairs is mandatory. Your health and safety is our first concern!

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly visits are all great options in order to reap workplace massage benefits on a consistent basis.  Give us a call to discuss the details.

Massage by Design provides 100% company or corporate sponsored services.  We have several Morale Maker program levels available for companies interested in providing more frequent office appreciation. If you’re not sure which option is best for your needs, give us a call and we’ll design a comprehensive program that addresses your budget and participation numbers.

Yes, in fact we encourage massage for pregnant women. The chairs are adjustable and will easily accommodate women in any trimester. In the event forward sitting isn’t possible, you can sit the opposite direction and comfortably lean back. Please let your therapist know if you’re pregnant as your comfort is our first concern.

We work with organizations of all sizes and with particular requirements in over 190 cities nationwide. No two events are alike, so our goal is to design a pricing structure that speaks to your budget and needs. With this in mind, several factors are considered when formulating quotes:

  • Location – some locations command a higher rate. For example, an event in NYC will have a higher hourly rate than an event in a Dallas suburb. Many cities/states are in a higher rate bracket (Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, PA, DC to name a few).
  • Event times – standard event hours are 8a-8p. Early mornings, late evenings and graveyard differential is considered.
  • Advance booking and notice – last minute events are quoted at a higher rate
  • Number of Massage hours booked (the more you book, the lower your hourly rate)
  • Additional Discounts – Multiple location, multiple visits, hourly rates per therapist range from $60-$70. Our Event Coordinators will work with you to Design the perfect program for your group.

We will ensure your event is staffed each day at the times you’ve requested.

Yes, we can accommodate multiple location visits, all on the same day or on different days.

Absolutely! We have licensed and insured therapists in every major city in the U.S. If you are within 50 miles of a major city, we can staff your event. We also work in remote locations (movie sets, retreats, rural areas).

Typically arrival time is 20-30 minutes to start time. Some venues require an earlier arrival time to allow for parking and navigating to the staging area, as well as access to secured properties and events requiring registration or credentials check.  Downtown locations, large hotels and convention centers require an early arrival of all therapists.

A 5’x5’ is sufficient and will allow enough room for your therapist to navigate around the chair comfortably. We can setup in any area, but recommend a space that is quiet, roomy and away from main traffic areas if possible.

Our therapists are available 7 days a week and work all hours including shift work, late evenings, graveyard and early mornings. Let us know when and what time and we’ll ensure your event is staffed.

Chair massage is performed on fully clothed participants. We recommend you remove jackets, sweaters and bulky outer wear. If you know ahead of time of our visit, you can wear something comfortable and non restrictive.

Massages options are typically 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes in length. Occasionally clients will request longer when the group is very small.

The average massage length is usually 10-15 minutes (i.e.  Employee Appreciation,   Shorter massages (5-7 minutes), are typical at open forum events (i.e. Trade Shows,  Additional Event Services, etc) where large numbers of participants are present and length will be adjusted depending on participation.

This depends on how many participants will be attending, and the type of event you’re holding, and time constraints.  Our experienced Event Coordinators will help determine the number of therapists and massage hours you will need by asking a few simple questions.

We recommend reserving massage services with as much advance notice as possible to ensure the appropriate number of staff is available. However we can staff all events with any amount of notice, including events with only 1 day’s notice. Last minute bookings will incur a higher hourly rate.

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