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Experience On-Site Chair Massages in Detroit

Yearning for on-site chair massages in the vibrant city of Detroit? Look no further than the caring hands of Massage by Design. We are more than just providers of expert chair massage services; we are the guardians of tranquility within your place of business.
At Massage by Design, we take pride in our experienced and compassionate staff. Our skilled therapists are not only well-versed in the techniques of chair massage but also deeply committed to providing a nurturing and healing experience. With their caring hands and empathetic approach, they ensure that your cherished employees and esteemed customers are enveloped in an oasis of professionalism and care.
Together, let us embark on a journey where the transformative power of chair massages uplifts and revitalizes. With Massage by Design, every session becomes an opportunity to nurture the mind, body, and soul. Welcome to a world where tranquility is not just a concept but a tangible experience that revitalizes and inspires.
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Massage by Design offers one-time chair massages,
as well as other solutions such as…

Repeat Chair Massage Visits

(weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or as often as you want)

Special Company Events

(holiday parties, annual gatherings,

Industry Specific Events

(trade shows, conventions, marketing events, etc)

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Elevate Your Workplace Experience with Massage By DesignRounded Rectangle Detroit

Pause for a moment and envision a world where the unwavering support of your employees was absent—a world where their dedication and unwavering commitment did not grace the halls of your business. Without their tireless efforts, where would your cherished enterprise be? At Massage By Design, our profound purpose is to be your partner in rewarding the loyalty and hard work of your extraordinary team. We understand that true success lies not just in financial achievements, but in fostering an environment where your talented workers find fulfillment and happiness within your organization.
In the vibrant city of Detroit, let Massage by Design be your trusted companion on the path to tranquility. Allow us to infuse your workplace with moments of bliss and rejuvenation through our expert on-site chair massages. Experience the caring touch of our experienced and compassionate staff as they nurture not only your physical well-being but also your inner harmony. Contact us today and let us unlock a world of transformative serenity for you and your team with Massage by Design.

Show your employees how much you care about their mental and physical well-being. Get a quote for your company’s chair massages in Detroit, today!

Our Chair Massage Services in Detroit

Corporate Massage

Have your employees been stressed and hunched over their desks lately? One of the best ways to rejuvenate them and increase productivity is to offer in-office corporate massages. Our therapists are trained to help minimize back, neck, and shoulder pain, all of which are common in corporate settings.

Marketing Events

Are you organizing a health fair or mixer? Add a new layer of luxury to your next marketing event with our mobile chair massage services. Nothing draws people to a booth like free massages by professional therapists.


Many conference planners use our chair massage services in Detroit to break up the event, offer stress relief to attendees, and create a memorable perk. People are on their feet all day at conferences—and they’ll be grateful for the chance to decompress at your booth.

Workplace Massage

It doesn’t matter what your workplace looks like—every employee needs a show of appreciation once in a while. In-office workplace massages offer a special way to de-stress, but they also make workers feel seen and valued by their leaders.


Attending an industrial expo? Get more leads for your business by setting up a relaxing chair massage in your booth. We’ll help you put people in the right mindset to learn about your business.

Trade Shows

Chair massages at trade shows can revive attendees’ spirits, realign their focus, and boost their energy levels. It’s a great way to increase visitor engagement at your booth and keep people coming back to learn more.

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Benefits of Chair Massages in the WorkplaceRounded Rectangle Detroit

Attract more attention at your company’s next marketing event with our corporate chair massage services. Our experts will offer 10 to 30-minute treatments to those interested in learning about your business.
Sitting at a desk and working on a computer for long hours easily results in tension, stiffness, and achiness. Working with a chair massage therapist can alleviate these symptoms and leave employees feeling rejuvenated.
The benefits of chair massages extend beyond health effects. Chair massage events also create advantages for the hiring company. Businesses that offer wellness bonuses, including treatments such as massages, tend to have happier employees and better productivity levels.
When your employees are happy and well, business thrives. It’s a win-win all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

The level of massage privacy depends heavily on your selected location. If our massage therapists report to your office space, they are happy to work in a private room or hallway for each client’s comfort. Just let us know what your team needs.
Our massage therapists prefer to work with a floor space of at least 6.5 ft. x 6.5 ft. which gives us ample space to move around and cater to your requests. However, we can also set up shop in hallways, backstage, and in small offices.

Our corporate chair massages in Detroit last anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. This duration provides a nice break in the workday or a happy treat at an event without burning a hole in the day’s schedule.

Some clients we work with

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“Massage by Design has been so very pleasant to work with. Booking, the level of service provided, and total experience has been consistent, regardless of where in the country our events have been located.”

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“Massage by Design was one of the highlights of our 80th Annual Conference. Thank you for providing our attendees an opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation during our conference. Your very professional therapists, I believe, enjoyed themselves as much as the attendees. What a treat! I look forward to working with Massage by Design again in the future.”

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“I have worked with Koko and Jesse with Massage by Design for several years at our annual CREW Network Convention & Marketplace Wellness Lounge. Our attendees thoroughly enjoy the chair massages and have commented on how nice and professional the therapists are. We look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with Massage by Design regardless of where our convention is held.”

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Some clients we work with

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