Experiencing Chair Massage In 2023

Chair massage. You’ve probably heard of it, most likely you’ve seen it somewhere – maybe in an airport, at a 5k charity event or at your local gym. If you’re a lucky duck, you’ve experienced it. No, I’m not talking about a massage chair you sit in that rattles and pounds the bones in your back, up and down in all the wrong places – like the one you sit in when you get your mani/pedi at the local strip mall. Nope. That my friends, is not a true chair massage.

What I’m talking about is a real, honest to goodness, hands on massage…performed in a specially designed portable chair. A comfortable chair-one that allows you to pitch forward, melting into a flumped (I wish I made up that word, Merriam Webster beat me to it), and relaxed position. Have you noticed? You’re already breathing slower, your heart rate has dropped and your shoulders are no longer attached to your ears. Arms are resting effortlessly on the ergonomically designed massage chair.

But wait – the best part is yet to come! A skilled and proficient massage therapist slowly and deftly works massage magic on your tired, sore, tight and aching muscles. Starting at your head and moving with steady pressure to your neck, then slowly working the shoulders to release all tension and knots. Moving next to the mid-section of your torso, working through tight muscles which run parallel on both sides of your spine. Continuing on down to the overworked, stabilizing muscles of your lower back. Don’t forget quads and legs, because the massage therapist won’t. Runners, hikers, bikers, squatters this is your jam. And just when you think you’ve hit nirvana, the massage therapist begins to work your arms, wrists and hands with compressive techniques, relieving all pressure that has built up since you woke that morning. Aching mouse hand? Carpal tunnel acting up? No problem! Your massage therapist is skillfully trained to alleviate pain in both areas. Ahhhh…this is pure bliss!

Chair massage is what every person should be allowed to experience in 2020 and beyond. So, if you see a signup sheet announcing chair massage at your office, at your workplace health fair, or offered at a conference, convention or trade show, don’t walk…RUN to get your 15 minutes of heaven!

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