Chair Massage Services in Phoenix, AZ

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Are you looking for on-site chair massages in Phoenix? That’s where Massage by Design comes in. We offer local chair massage services, directly at your place of business.

Got a corporate event coming up? Or maybe you just want to bring a little relaxation to the office? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced, top-notch team is ready and waiting to make sure your staff or customers get to enjoy a professional mobile chair massage. So why wait? Let’s bring a little zen to your workplace.

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Our massage therapists offer one-time chair massages, as well as…

Recurring On-Site Chair Massage Visits in Phoenix

(weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as often as you want)

Special Company Events for On-Site Chair Massage

(holiday parties, annual gatherings,

Industry-Specific Events with Chair Massage

(trade shows, conventions, marketing events, etc)

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How Corporate Chair Massages Can Help Your Phoenix Business Rounded Rectangle Phoenix

Ever stopped to think where your business would be without your amazing team? It’s a scary thought, right? That’s why at Massage By Design, we’re all about helping you show your appreciation for your loyal, hardworking crew. And it’s not just about rewards – it’s about keeping your talented team happy and content right where they are, with your organization.

Neck tension? Back knot? Or just the weight of daily life getting you down? Our chair massage services are just the ticket. As reliable as the Phoenix sun, each one is designed to give you a personalized experience that leaves you feeling on top of the world. So why wait? Let’s help you feel better than ever.

Experience the difference in quality chair massage. It’s not just a service; it’s a lifestyle. Take a step towards a healthier, happier you with Phoenix’s premier chair massage.

Show your employees that you care about their wellness. When you reward your workers, you set your business up for success in the long run. Schedule your Phoenix chair massage event at your office today.

Our Chair Massage Services in Phoenix, AZ

Corporate Massage

Are you looking for ways to help your employees relax? Our 10-15 minute corporate chair massages are an excellent way to reduce stress. We want to make your team feel at ease and ready to be productive.

Marketing Events

Take your next marketing event to a whole new level with our on-site chair massages. There’s no better way to attract and entice potential customers who have been walking around for hours.


Attending a conference for hours can wear attendees down. Draw people to your business’s booth or event by offering much-needed chair massage services. You’ll be the hit of the conference!

Workplace Massage

Bring the benefits of chair massage directly to your workplace. Help your employees relax, unwind, lower their blood pressure, and be more productive with our professional on-site chair massages.


Attract more clients at your next expo event. Our on-site chair massages are the best way to get tired attendees off their feet and help them relax—this will definitely get people interested in your brand.

Trade Shows

Turn your next trade show into a marketing success with our mobile chair massages. Our massage therapists will set up quickly and keep people coming back to your booth for a luxurious, relaxing experience.

Getting a Chair Massage Therapist in Phoenix
is as Easy as 1-2-3

3 Simple Steps to initiate and complete your event:

Request a Quote

Approve Quote

We Show Up

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The Perks of Mobile Chair Massages Rounded Rectangle Phoenix

Our chair massages offer many benefits to employees, including…
At Massage by Design, we believe that massages should be both accessible and affordable. That’s why we offer a wide variety of packages; we’re here to meet your business’s unique needs and preferences.
The key to your business’s long-term success lies in caring for and protecting your employees. Our chair massages are an excellent way to show your team much-needed appreciation.
Furthermore, mobile massage chair services can increase your team’s productivity. When people feel great, they’re more likely to do their best work!
To find the right package, request a free quote with our event coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions

When people attend a trade show, they’re on their feet all day. The best way to entice them to spend more time at your booth is to offer them the much-needed chance to relax. Schedule on-site chair massages to keep visitors coming back for more.
When you sit at a desk all day, you can easily develop sore muscles, particularly in your back, neck, shoulders, and arms. Our 10-15 minute chair massages are specifically designed to target these areas and provide fast relief. We don’t use any oils, so you won’t have to clean up before getting back to work.
On-site chair massages offer several benefits, including quick stress relief, muscle relaxation, and a boost in mental health. They also help employees feel their best, which in turn benefits the overall productivity and success of the business.

Some clients we work with

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“Massage by Design has been so very pleasant to work with. Booking, the level of service provided, and total experience has been consistent, regardless of where in the country our events have been located.”

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“Massage by Design was one of the highlights of our 80th Annual Conference. Thank you for providing our attendees an opportunity to enjoy a moment of relaxation during our conference. Your very professional therapists, I believe, enjoyed themselves as much as the attendees. What a treat! I look forward to working with Massage by Design again in the future.”

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“I have worked with Koko and Jesse with Massage by Design for several years at our annual CREW Network Convention & Marketplace Wellness Lounge. Our attendees thoroughly enjoy the chair massages and have commented on how nice and professional the therapists are. We look forward to a long-lasting business relationship with Massage by Design regardless of where our convention is held.”

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Some clients we work with

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