A Prescription For Health

When you’ve suffered from headaches and related neck pain as long as I have, you get to a point when over the counter medications and other prescribed drugs just don’t work. These ‘bandaids’ offer only short term relief, and some have long term, unfavorable side effects.

That’s why I asked my doctor about chair massage.  I explained my situation, and expressed my concerns about taking NSAIDS daily, and other over the counter drugs. As it turns out, many NSAIDS may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, stomach and intestinal problems—among a slew of other nasty, health threatening conditions.

That’s when my doctor prescribed chair massage. He explained how repetitive motion, chronic holding patterns and improper posture combined, will cause headaches and tight neck muscles.

So now, I get regular chair massage at my office. Luckily, our wellness committee, benefits manager, and HR directors recognized the signs and symptoms of employees experiencing the same issues as me. They all agree: it’s importance to keep our staff happy and pain free…an investment in our biggest asset.

Chair massage is for everyone. Common side effects include: enhanced mood, feelings of euphoria, reduction of depression, anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure, improved flexibility, boost in energy, increased circulation, relief from headaches and pain. Additional side effects might include drooling, uncontrollable smiling, followed by fits of laughter and overall feelings of happiness and calm.

Ask your doctor to prescribe chair massage, and check with your Human Resource Director to ensure chair massage is added to your company’s monthly wellness program.

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