Benefits Of Chair Massage In The Workplace Part 1

If you’re one of the few archaic business leaders who still view chair massages as a luxury item, then it’s time to change your mindset and start looking at massage as a necessity that is essential to staying healthy and productive in the workplace.

Aside from being one of the most cost effective and available ‘health resources,’ chair massage is a great incentive for hardworking and loyal staff. I mean, chair massage practically screams ‘Thank you for being a loyal and awesome employee at our amazing, forward thinking and progressive company! By the way, we know you work super hard for us and we just want to say thank you!” You’re welcome.

Companies like Google, SAS and Genentech that are on the list of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” offer regular, ongoing and recurring massage as part of their wellness programs. And believe me, a slew of thousands of companies not on the Fortune 500 list offer the same.

Massage knows no boundaries, and will certainly benefit anyone working in any size company, across all industries. From communications to agriculture, academia to healthcare, technology to manufacturing, retail to food service…companies are finally understanding the benefits of chair massage offerings in their wellness programs.

Are the days of literally ‘satiating’ employees with junk food, pizza parties, donuts and other goodies on the way out? Well, I sure hope so (except the pizza parties, please).

Still not convinced?  Stay tuned for next week’s blog which will lay it all on the line. I’ll spell it out simply: reasons why you should start offering chair massages in your workplace

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