Benefits Of Chair Massage, Part One

Since there are so many benefits to chair massage, it’s difficult to list them all in one blog. Well I could, but then you would be reading into the wee hours of the morning.  In last week’s post, I focused on a few reasons why a chair massage is a great option. These benefits include: how chair massage affects the immune system, promotes better sleep, relieves stress, reduces pain, and boosts employee morale.

But wait! There’s more…a lot more. How is it possible that this one, simple therapy can produce so many positive results? Read on! Or as they say in France, continuer à lire!

  1. Chair Massage relieves tension and anxiety. It’s kind of a no-brainer that any kind of massage will help with these ‘issues in your tissues’. On a more anatomical level, when you’re feeling tense or anxious, your body automatically enters a ‘sympathetic’ state. Translated, this is your body’s autonomic nervous system response to perceived threats, commonly known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. Who feels like they’re in fight or flight more often than not? What happens next is that your bodily activities speed up. Muscles contract, heart rate increases, and bronchial tubes dilate. Adrenal glands are in overdrive, so you’re releasing more adrenaline now, which is why your mouth is dry.  The reasons why your body goes into fight or flight are numerous. Could be a deadline you need to meet at work. Could be a sick child that you’re worried about. Could be the daily commute in gobs of traffic. Calmez-vous, and just get that chair massage offered at your office.
  2. Chair Massage relieves headaches and migraines-oh mon! Did you know the human head weighs 10-11 lbs? To grasp this, just hold two 5 lb bags of sugar. This is the weight your neck has to support all day, everyday. Well except when you’re sleeping, but that’s a whole different bag of worms. If you have chronic headaches and migraines, it could be directly related to the tiny, little muscles at the back of your neck that prevent you from being a bobblehead. Posture plays a big role here. As gravity takes over, your head begins to fall forward a little at a time. Whether you’re sitting or standing, this is going to happen on a daily basis. The more your head is tilted forward, the more pressure is put on the musculoskeletal system of the neck, shoulders, and back. No wonder you have a headache! The lesson here: stay hydrated, watch your posture, and get a chair massage. Comprendre?

Tune in next week when we cover even more benefits of chair massage-aren’t you excited? Au revoir pour le moment!

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