Burnout In The Workplace – A Simple Solution With Chair Massage

It’s difficult to address a problem without knowing the cause. There’s not one definitive set of criteria for employee burnout, but if you can identify the cause you can address the cases of burnout you have on hand now, and help prevent it in the future.

There are several ways to recognize and prevent burnout in your team. The first step is to identify the potential burnout. Some of the signs are impatience, frustration, cynicism, and lack of motivation. Taking more than the usual amount of sick days, or arriving to work late. These are all signs that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Burnout is not simply a state of just being ‘bummed out’, having an awful day, or being melancholy. It can be characterized as a perpetual condition of being out of synch with at least one part of your life, and the outcome is lost vitality, eagerness, and enthusiasm. Furthermore, burnout can result in a lack of motivation and productivity.

How can you as a manager, lead your team to greatness if they are visibly unhappy and unengaged? Keep it simple! Adding chair massage to your already existing wellness program, or implementing it as a stand alone perk will not only lighten the spirits of your employees, it will make you the office hero! Chair massage is not only easy to manage-it’s cost effective.

Help alleviate employee burnout with a simple, chair massage program. It’s just that easy.

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