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You may ask yourself, what does chair massage have to do with gravity? You may ask yourself, how did I get into this position? You may ask yourself, is this my body or have I morphed into an alien? Like the the one Sigourney Weaver fought in Aliens-hunched back and all. You might even be snarling, baring your teeth and drooling if you’re too far gone.

Let’s say you’re a teacher. You’re standing most of the day-not a bad thing. We all know being on your feet is better than sitting. But there comes a time when you have to plan your classes, grade and correct papers, hold meetings with parents and colleagues; and you end up sitting for hours on end. Think about how your body feels while you’re reading, typing, staring at your computer screen. You begin upright, happily (or not so happily) grading papers. Then gravity kicks in…pulling you down, down, into the inevitable chair slouch position we all know oh so well. Your shoulders rotate in toward your chest as you hunch inward and downward toward your laptop.You shift your legs and butt cheeks. One side to another. Maybe you pull one leg up and under as you cross and uncross your feet. It’s a routine you’ve practiced for years, one you know all too well. So now, not only is this sitting position affecting your neck, shoulders and back, but your hips, legs and pelvic girdle too. During these chronic holding patterns, your alignment is deteriorating. Basically, your posture sucks. Don’t feel alone though, we are all fighting gravity. Unless you’re that one person on the planet who can sit perfectly aligned all day long, then it’s a horribly compromised position you’re in. Literally.

Here’s where the chair massage comes in. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a little relief from the affects of gravity? Relief from your tightly pulled shoulder blade muscles-the ones commonly referred to as the chicken wings. Relief from strained neck and aggravated lower back muscles. Desk sitters unite! Chair massage is the perfect solution. Massage therapists know what ails you. They know the pressure points. They know how to manipulate the soft tissues of the neck, shoulders and back to help your body combat the law of gravity. They are trained to recognize the adverse affects from sitting for long periods of time. So the next time you feel you’re slipping into that familiar ‘alien desk slump’ position, do yourself a huge favor…find the nearest chair massage therapist because Sigourney can’t save you.

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