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If chair massage for employee appreciation isn’t on your list of benefits to provide in 2020, it should be. As a member of management, you’ve seen it all in the workplace. The lethargy, low energy levels, lack of enthusiasm, low morale. From this, we can surmise you’ve heard it all as well-the complaints, the grumblings, the quibbling, the whining.

What’s a manager to do? You’ve approved those sick days, time after time. You’ve watched as your team members sluggishly arrive and happily leave when their work day is over. Let’s face it-life is stressful. Work, home, family, social media and influences from the world we live in. How are we to survive the constant bombarding of stressors that affect our productivity and happiness at work, and home?

The pressures of daily life are not going away. The physical and emotional stressors we absorb are wearing us all down. And honestly, do you think it’s going to get better anytime soon? In fact, stress and low productivity levels will most likely get worse as the year progresses.

Is relief in sight? HR Directors, Talent Acquisition Teams, Wellness Coordinators, Benefits Managers and Company Culture Executives-this is YOUR TIME TO SHINE! This is your opportunity to provide a small perk, a well received benefit…a way to say ‘thank you’ to your team, to your hardworking employees.  And in return: gratitude, loyalty to a company who cares, increased productivity, fewer sick days, increased morale, happiness, focus. If these words provoke peace of mind, they should.

Implementing chair massage into your workplace wellness/corporate program is effortless. It’s affordable and most of all, it’s trending! Trending like CVS receipt scarves, like the 2020 Oscar predictions, like infinity mirror exhibits, like platform crocs. 

So c’mon now! What are you waiting for? Get chair massage into your workplace TODAY and be the office hero!

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